Welcome to the Quickwall Construction College.

Strategically located in the University of East London, Quickwall Construction College is making a substantial contribution towards providing the world with Technology Transfer in extremely energy efficient, high quality, low maintenance, cost effective, sustainable building materials and super fast track, high volume sustainable construction systems.

Primarily a Construction Research and Development based corporation, Quickwall has consistently innovated since 1974, bringing the most practical solutions to the market for speed and efficiency.

Extensive expertise in High Volume, Super Low Cost and Affordable Housing and Slum Redevelopment in developing countries reflects our vision for creating highly affordable, zero carbon, satellite city residential developments and large residential community estates in order to provide highly sustainability and cost effective flagship housing solutions.

Now these technologies are being made available to Governments, Developers and Land Bank Owners who are then further supported by the provision of local trained gangs who are now qualified in these innovative building materials and construction systems.

Proud participant in:

Three new building systems

Imagine a building system that doesn’t not require scaffolding for multi-storey developments, is super fast track construction completing one entire home with roof per day or a block of multi-storey flats in just weeks, is earthquake rated to 7.5 on Richter scale and certified to 250 km/h typhoon winds. Plus many, many more substantial profit associated benefits such as 70% of progress claim payments in just weeks etc. A choice of fit-for-purpose Building Systems that has phenomenal advantages over conventional methods.

Imagine a stud mass produced to precise specification before your eyes whereby a tough hollow stud alternative that simply snaps together. The base plate (docking station) comes complete with a unique shape to snap in”the external wall cladding horizontally which is fast, light, tough, fire rated etc. Very strong and can be nailed, screwed, sawn and drilled.

The interior walls also have a docking station and walls simply snaps together”vertically and come complete with hidden electrical & plumbing channels ready made for easy installation.

Door and window jams are manufactured for the stud frame alternative which can be used in practically any installation/application.

Quickwall - Epitome of Innovative Building Technology


Imagine a block 1.2, 2.4 or 3 meters long and 0.6 high, so light can be easily lifted by one person. Build a whole house in the same time as did take to lay a couple of courses.

Watch K-Block demos



The new Global Default Standard of construction provides complete permanent housing anywhere on earth every 4 hours.

Each level of a block of four units every day and no scaffolding required.  Builders achieve 70% of progress payments in just weeks.

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Developer Assistance Program

It is our objective to assist Developers to make the transition from obsolete conventional building materials and antiquated building methods to achieve a quantum leap in quality, durability, expediency and cost.

Government Assistance Program

AIt is our objective to assist Governments meet their social housing objectives by providing Technology Transfer via assisting the Construction Industry Development Board to benefit local Developers to make the

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